The following businesses are trusted service providers in the
Right Click Solutions network

Dell – – Trusted to deliver technology solutions around the world, Dell empowers customers to help them achieve more, whether they are at home, work, school or anywhere in the world.

Google – – Founded in 1998, Google set a goal to develop services to significantly improve the lives of as many people as possible.

Microsoft – – Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

Lenovo – – Operating in more than 160 countries around the world, Lenovo creates personal devices more people are inspired to own…

SonicWall – – Preventing cybercrime for over 25 years, SonicWall has defended small and medium size business and enterprises worldwide by using real-time breach detection and prevention solutions.

Symantec – – A global leader in cybersecurity, Symantec protects more customers from next generation attacks. Companies, governments and individuals can secure their most important data wherever it may be.

Techsoup – – Providing transformative technology products, knowledge and services to people around the world to help find the information they need to make smart decisions about technology at their organizations.

Datto – – Datto provides business continuity solutions to secure the essential business data for thousands of companies around the world.

Ruckus – – An Arris Company, innovates by combining hardware, software and services to enable advanced video experiences and constant connectivity across a variety of environments – for service providers, commercial verticals, small enterprises, and the people they serve.

Streamspot – – Live video streaming, Streamspot allows you to focus on your event, not the stream.

Spanning – –  Founded in 2010 , Spanning was created to help organizations learn the power of the cloud while freeing them from the worry of data loss. As the leading provider of backup and recovery solutions, Spanning helps protect thousands of organizations from data loss due to user error, malicious activity and more.

Carbonite – – An online backup service, available to Windows and macOS users, backs up your documents, emails, music, photos and settings.

Chaverware- –  Introduced in 1993 as the first Windows product in the Synagogue software market. Providing software applications for the non-profit markets, Chaverware has given members of synagogues the ability to manage their own data, make donations and sign up for events.

Solarwinds – – Founded in 1999, Solarwinds provided IT professionals and MSPs with purpose-built produts designed to make the job easier. IT management challenges such as, networks, servers, applications, storage, virtualization, cloud or development operations can be solved with Solarwinds products and tools.

Intermedia – – Using cloud technology, Intermedia has made communicating, colloborating and sharing information easier for customers and businesses.