2019 Trends in Tech

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2019 Trends in Tech

At Right Click Solutions, we stay on top of trends in small businesses and not-for-profits throughout the year and are constantly assessing the viability of the latest technology in the market for our client base.  Dan Taplitz, owner of Right Click Solutions LLC, has outlined some compelling trends for 2019 that he feels are relevant for our customers.

Customer Service

As published in 20 Small Business Trends and Predictions for 2019 by Business News Daily, it states “…fast, seamless and personalized service” is critical and is causing “…large legacy companies are starting to fall behind smaller startups who offer better user experience.”

 “…AI (Artificial Intelligence) and predictive analytics will not replace the human when it comes to customer experience.”

 “…it is relationships that drive business and commerce, so people will find more ways to connect in person to build trust and strengthen connections.”

We whole heartedly agree with the opinion that as advanced as technology becomes, there is no substitute for having a personal relationship with your clients.  We are proud to say “we are on a first name basis with our customers.”  

At Right Click we take time to truly understand our customers and provide personal attention to their needs.  We know that not all customers fall into the same category.  Our highly-trained staff creates cost effective solutions for development, installation and support of seamlessly integrated, comprehensive solutions specifically tailored to our customers.

Remote Access

In 2018, we continued to see our clients accommodating their staff by setting them up to work remotely.  Remote access to the workplace has been trending for a while, but with the latest technology it has become more affordable to a company and a better experience to the end user.  We feel 2019 will bring an uptick in requests for mobile technology and remote access. 

We have worked with clients to create cohesive, reliable and secure solutions designed specifically for their remote access needs.  We continually evaluate the many products offered to achieve remote access and have chosen products that best fit our customer base.  We look forward to implementing remote access solutions as more of our clients adopt a remote work policy.


In 2019, you will be able to access more programs and data from numerous devices, thus security will become of utmost importance.  We believe most companies will implement multi-factor authentication for login credentials. Multi-factor authentication is an authentication method in which a computer user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism.  We consider this the most secure way of validating a login and believe in 2019 we will see a trend in applications moving toward this type of security.

This additional layer of security will bring with it a more complex support structure as well as software options to implement multi-factor authentication on an enterprise-wide level.  Right Click Solutions is prepared to support and deliver this technology to our clients.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance is no longer just used for physician’s offices and insurance companies.  It benefits small businesses and nonprofit organizations as well.  Training throughout an office environment is beneficial in the safety and security of sensitive data and protecting company information.  We feel HIPAA compliance training benefits not only our staff but our customer base and we offer HIPAA secure tools to help companies comply and stay current.

Voice over IP Phone Systems (VoIP) 

Voice over Internet Protocol (also voice over IP or VoIP) is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet.  VoIP Phone Systems are attractive to small businesses and non-profits because they are cost effective as the voice calls are less expensive than traditional phone systems.  VoIP integrates data and voice communications (including cell phones) in a more cost-efficient manner.  VoIP systems can incorporate emails and calendar systems such as Microsoft Outlook, as well as many other communication applications.  VoIP systems functionality include “click to dial” an email contact, automatically recording calls made and received, messaging and video chatting. 

We support several clients who have invested in VoIP who appreciate the reliability and versatility of the system. At Right Click Solutions we recommend VoIP because we believe VoIP is the phone technology of today and the future.

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