2022 Tech Trends Highlight: VPNs

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2022 Tech Trends Highlight: VPNs

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March 2022

“Using a VPN is the most secure way for those working remotely to create a protected internet connection. The VPN encrypts your internet traffic and disguises your online identity making it more difficult for cybercriminals to track your online activity.”  

-Brian Lufker, Senior Network Engineer at Right Click Solutions 

Picture this: Your postman brings you your mail and all of it has already been opened. A person or several people have seen your private correspondence without your knowledge or your permission. This is equivalent to having information on your company’s server without the added protection of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

VPNs are undoubtedly one of the most important security precautions you can utilize to protect yourself and your company.  

Who? Right Click Solutions partners with SonicWall to bring our customers premier VPN protection. There are different levels of VPN protection, but to see what’s right for you and your organization reach out to a Right Click Solutions technician. 

What? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) gives you online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network from a public internet connection. VPN services establish secure and encrypted connections to provide privacy when working remotely. 

When? Any time you are conducting any online activity, whether that be for business or personal purposes. 

Where? Any device that has access to the internet (mobile, desktop, etc.) 

Why? Ensures everything you do on the internet is private and makes you less vulnerable to bad actors while simultaneously improving internet connectivity. 

How? Depending on which applications you are using, how you implement a VPN will differ.  Whether you are remotely logging onto a computer at your office or accessing your applications via the web, give us a call and we can advise you on the best options for you. 

If you have any further questions about Right Click Solutions Cloud Service, call us at (914) 242-3212 or email us at team@rcsllc.net 

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