Annual “Social” Spring Cleanup

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Annual “Social” Spring Cleanup

May 10, 2021

Right Click Solutions has always promoted clean environments, whether its partnering annually with the Mt. Kisco beautification committee or advising our community on how to keep their tech clean and safe. But what about your digital profile?  Are you practicing good social media upkeep?

Whether you are in the office or working from home, it is essential to be diligent about online safety and social media cleanliness. Social media accounts are often linked to your workplace, so maintaining your profiles is important in not only protecting you, but your business as well.

Below are some tips from our team at Right Click Solutions on how to safeguard your social media profile from potentially falling victim to a cyber threat.

Social media hygiene! It is important to go through your followers on social media platforms regularly so that you can review potential bogus followers, individuals that should not see your content, and individuals that appear to be unsavory characters or scam accounts.

Instagram: Go to the list of people you are following, and click on the category “Least Interacted With.” From that list of 50 people, unfollow accounts that seem either inactive, suspicious, or simply someone that you do not know and do not want seeing your posts (if they follow you back).
Facebook: Open your friends list and seek out accounts that either don’t have a profile picture or don’t have their number of friends displayed. Unfriend these individuals, as these things indicate an inactive account.
LinkedIn: To identify fake followers, here are a couple of red flags:

    • Account is following thousands of people, yet only has a handful of followers
    • Abnormal location relative to your area
    • Account experiences follower drops or spikes on a regular basis

Secure your social media! Along with increasing popularity and usage of social media comes all kinds of security breaches and privacy threats. To secure your accounts, make sure that you have turned on the two-factor authentication login feature. Below are instructions on how to do so on various platforms:

Instagram: Settings > Security > Two-Factor Authentication > Get Started. You will then be able to choose if you want a text message sent to your phone number every time you log in or if you’d prefer using a corresponding authentication app, such as Duo Mobile.
Facebook: Settings > Security and Login > Use two-factor authentication. Select whether you prefer a verification text message or a corresponding authentication app.
LinkedIn: Click on profile picture > Settings > Account > Two-step verification.

Consider regularly performing the above steps to avoid falling victim to a cyber thief obtaining information that can lead to security, and privacy compromises.

Ensuring your social media accounts are only being viewed by trusted followers as well as locking them down is an essential part of protecting your cyber identity.



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