Case Study – Remote Success

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Case Study – Remote Success

One of our customers who has achieved remote workforce success over the past few months is a forward-thinking law firm that had already had the pieces in place for a digital/remote office for their employees.  Those elements included cloud-based computing, paperless documents, high-end, quality laptops as well as peripherals such as scanners and printers for each employee.  This client worked closely with the Right Click Solutions team in creating a comprehensive digital cloud environment along with implementing secure remote connection technology and procedures that allowed them to work from any internet equipped location.  Right Click Solutions consulted with them on purchases of hardware and software and made recommendations for quality mobile technology. According to one of the partners, their success was directly related to the proposals they received from Right Click Solutions.  In particular, it was noted that the quality, high-end hardware with remote, virtual capabilities like cameras, fast processors, plenty of disk space and docking stations with ethernet ports, were critical in their successful transition.

At the time of the at-home mandate in March, their staff was asked to come into the office and take whatever they needed to be comfortable and productive from their home office.  They advised their staff that their new “home base” would now be their individual remote location instead of the physical office.  They not only took their technical equipment, but also chairs, desk accessories and any supplies needed to ensure they were able to effectively perform their jobs.  With the groundwork already in place and the support of the Right Click team, the transition was seamless for the staff.

In an effort to stay connected and coordinated, they started taking advantage of more of the features of applications like Microsoft Teams. In addition, they enhanced their phone system by moving to an internet-based VoIP system and began connecting with their clients virtually for all meetings.  Because all applications were cloud based, the staff was able to access their files and programs seamlessly from multiple remote locations.

What are the challenges?  The biggest challenge is making changes in processes to support an at-home workforce as well as making sure clients are accommodated in a constantly evolving state.  As the government allowed for partial reopening, this company needed to re-think their current methods, ensuring safety regulations were still being followed while continuing to provide quality service to their clients.  This company continues to rely on Right Click Solutions and is confident that we can provide the technology equipment, service and support needed regardless of their developing requirements. For Right Click Solutions, the biggest challenge is always the unknown factors at the remote site like the quality and stability of the internet as well the equipment being utilized.  Many times, customers are relying on outdated technology purchased for personal use in their remote space which is difficult to manage and maintain.  

As we look to the future, a traditional onsite company structure is likely to become a thing of the past.  We are finding more of our customers are choosing technology that supports a distributed staff operating in a virtual work environment.  The above case study proves that well thought out planning and meaningful collaboration with Right Click Solutions made all the difference.


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