Holiday Scam Taskforce with Captain B, Sergeant Buster & Corporal Squishy

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Holiday Scam Taskforce with Captain B, Sergeant Buster & Corporal Squishy

October 2022

Right Click Solutions IT Westchester

With the holidays quickly approaching, Chief Cyber Chip Dog has put together a task force to help you avoid holiday scams.

Led by Captain B, Sergeant Buster & Corporal Squishy have been working closely with the FBI to promote the following tips:

  • Practice good cybersecurity hygiene. Don’t click any suspicious links or attachments in emails, on websites, or on social media and look for red flags in emails that might alert you to a phishing email.
  • Know who you’re buying from or selling to. Check each website’s URL to make sure it’s legitimate and secure. Research and check reviews and ratings for websites you have never purchased from in the past. Be wary of deals, offers and pricing that is too good to be true.
  • Be careful how you pay. Never wire money directly to a seller and avoid giving a seller a gift card number and PIN directly as they steal the funds and not send the purchased item. It is best to use a credit card or service like PayPal so that you can dispute the charges.
  • Monitor the shipping process. Always get tracking numbers for items you buy online, so you can make sure they have been shipped and can follow the delivery process.


Since more than 90% of scams containing malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware, and adware are delivered by email, Right Click Solutions recommends subscribing to Email Security Services. One wrong click on an email that looks legitimate can lead to a multitude of issues.  But if you are subscribing to Email Security Services software, dangerous emails would be quarantined so that they can be inspected for legitimacy before opening. Email Security Services protects you by scrutinizing each incoming or outgoing email on your email domain and scans emails for the very latest email-borne threats.

To read the full article or to listen to the Inside the FBI podcast on this topic, go to


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