Nonprofit Fiscal Year End

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Nonprofit Fiscal Year End

Most nonprofit organizations fiscal year ends on June 30.  Let Right Click Solutions help you to define your technology needs for the coming year.  We can assist with budgeting for procurement of hardware, software, licensing, etc. by assessing your current environment and working with you for future needs allowing for an opportunity to prepare for grants and other technology funding needs.  Allow Right Click Solutions, LLC assess what is most needed for your nonprofit organizations.  

In previous years, we have asked our clients to assess the most pressing needs of what works best for their technology environment, reevaluate technology that may no longer be working for organizational growth and changes, and consider new technology options.   We encourage all our contracted clients to do this at a time that makes the most sense when planning technology budgets for the coming fiscal year.    

Please call 914-242-3212 or email us at to schedule a meeting to determine the best strategy for your IT budgeting.

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