Productivity Tools – G Suite vs Microsoft 365?

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Productivity Tools – G Suite vs Microsoft 365?

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July 2022

Both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace include applications for word processing, spreadsheet calculations and presentations. Microsoft 365 offers Word, Excel and PowerPoint, while Google has Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides respectively.

Both Microsoft and Google use high standards of security and compliance. When it comes to security, we feel Microsoft is the frontrunner because it uses Multi-Factor Authentication as compared with G Suite’s two-factor authentication.

If your business has storage requirements that are above the norm, G Suite offers unlimited cloud storage with their business and enterprise plans for more than 5 users. Microsoft 365 offers 1 TB of cloud storage with all plans including the business essentials plan. Although this is a lot of storage, it is not unlimited.

Although G Suite is web-based, it has the capability to work offline as well. And while Office 365 is based on installed desktop software, it also provides (less powerful) web-based versions of its applications.

The general consensus is that if you are looking for a robust, feature-filled toolset, the Microsoft Office suite is for you.  In particular, the Excel application is ideal for businesses that need number-crunching power and sophisticated functions built-in.

On the other hand, although you may sacrifice on the functionality, G Suite seems to be superior when it comes to sharing and collaboration.

For more information on the two productivity software tools, visit COMPUTERWORLD: G Suite vs. Office 365: What’s the best office suite for business?


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