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Right Click Academy – Anywhere Operations

May 10, 2021

Right Click Solutions Academy-Anywhere Operations

“Success in a hybrid work environment
requires employers to move beyond
viewing remote or hybrid environments as
a temporary or short-term strategy and
to treat it as an opportunity.”

George Penn, VP at Gartner


In 2020 we found working remote is no longer a convenience, it is a necessity. Many businesses and non-profits scrambled to become operational from a remote workspace early in 2020. Some organizations chose to access their email and applications directly using online versions via an internet browser, while other organizations were using various remote software tools to “take over” their office workstation, and still others implemented a hybrid solution. Assuming the “work-from-home” phase would be temporary, and needing a quick way to become operational, several clients relied on outdated technology purchased for personal use, as well as older internet equipment. The remote infrastructure choices they made can greatly affect the reliability and efficiency as they continue to operate remotely.

A year later, businesses are revisiting their remote technology choices and determining that the best decisions may not have been made in their haste to function remotely. They are and relying on Right Click Solutions to provide sustainable solutions that enable them to do business seamlessly and efficiently while keeping identities and data secure across locations and devices.

The remote infrastructure for an organization can be complicated.  Not only are there are many infrastructure options available when configuring a remote workspace, there are many components involved as well. A client’s operational needs, current technology and budget all come into play when composing the ideal remote setup environment.

Each setup, although unique, does have some common factors that users should be aware of.  Understanding the basic elements of your remote setup can help you to troubleshoot issues and identify weak spots as well as determine components that might be impeding workflow or performance.

As we look to the future, a traditional onsite company structure is likely to become a thing of the past. We are finding more of our customers are choosing technology that supports a distributed staff operating in a virtual work environment. Now is a great time to gain a better understanding of your current remote setup and assess the areas in which it may fall short.

Right Click Solutions has developed recommendations for remote workspace including computer requirements, internet suggestions, and security software guidelines that can help you plan for what your work from home strategy will look like in the future.

For more information, sign up for our Right Click Academy session here.


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