Right Click Academy – What is Intelligent Composable Business?

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Right Click Academy – What is Intelligent Composable Business?

February 16, 2021

 “An intelligent composable business is one that
can adapt and fundamentally rearrange itself
based on a current situation.”

Kasey Panett. (2020), Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021. https://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/gartner-top-strategic-technology-trends-for-2021/


The concept of “composing” the Information Technology (IT) environment surrounding your organization is not new to Right Click Solutions as we have been doing it for years. Our contracts are customized to the needs of our clients rather than using a “one-size fits all” approach to the support and services we provide. Right Click Solutions offers a full range of IT services that we can combine to meet the requirements and budget of each of our customers. Should a client have additional IT needs, we can quickly adapt as we did for so many customers during the pandemic through our implementation of remote access, VoIP communications, as well as several other services.  For many of our clients, being adaptable proved to be essential for their businesses to continue to operate and survive.

Customers of Right Click Solutions can decide on the services they subscribe to based on need and budget.  Below are the solutions we offer that become the LAYERS used to build our customers technology infrastructure.

Now more than ever, businesses have realized technology is the lifeblood that keeps them moving forward. Our approach includes proactive, hands-on managed IT services composed specifically to your unique system needs, with options that allow your organization to adjust quickly to our ever-changing world.

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