Right Click Solutions UnboxIT: Datto Business Continuity

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Right Click Solutions UnboxIT: Datto Business Continuity

January 2022

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Welcome to our new unboxing segment where we will be reviewing some of the technology that we order for our clients.  These videos are designed to educate our audience on the functionality of our most popular items as well as give you an idea of what they look like.  The first item we would like to show you is Datto’s Business Continuity, Backup, and Disaster Recovery appliance. This small unit goes beyond the functionality of traditional backup solutions.  It protects your server and cloud data by dramatically reducing downtime and data loss and more importantly, rapidly recovers data if disaster strikes.  It solidifies the last line of defense against ransomware attacks to ensure data security. With clients concerned about the uptick in cybercrime and natural disasters like the recent flooding we experienced here in Westchester, our sales over the past 12 months for this product have increased by 12%.  If you cannot be without your data and systems, we highly recommend Datto as a cost-effective and efficient solution.


If you have any further questions about business continuity solutions,
call us at (914) 242-3212 or email us at team@rcsllc.net 


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