Right Click Solutions UnboxIT: Seagate External Hard Drive

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Right Click Solutions UnboxIT: Seagate External Hard Drive

September 2022


Click above to watch the unboxing!

In this segment of UnboxIT, we are unboxing a Seagate External hard drive. Many of our clients use an external hard drive to back up their computer hard drive or for overflow storage of files and programs. There are several different models of the Seagate External hard drive, as well as other brands of external hard drives available on the market. We will work with you to evaluate your data storage needs and purchase the proper unit for you.  All models are lightweight, compact, and totally portable. Once the unit is connected to your computer via a USB cable, the drive becomes another storage option when saving files in an application like Word or Excel, or when you are organizing your files and folders in Explorer or Finder.


If you have any further questions about external hard drives,
call us at (914) 242-3212 or email us at team@rcsllc.net 


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