Server vs. Cloud Computing

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Server vs. Cloud Computing

What is the right solution? Allow us to explain the differences.  Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data rather than using a local server or personal computer. Many of the systems used today are cloud-based services like G-Suite, Office365, OneNote, even Facebook and Instagram.  The data is stored on a cloud-hosted service for on-demand access from anywhere.

The same capabilities can be accomplished by using a local server.  Applications and files are accessed and shared using a powerful computer designed specifically for an organization with the proper CPU, operating system and storage capacity, equipped with the proper security and virus protection as well as backup and recovery solutions.

Right Click Solutions has helped many of our clients to make this determination by evaluating their business and current environment.  Below is a comparison chart of some of the deciding factors in choosing cloud computing vs. in-house server:

Cloud In-house Server
Scalability Y quick and easy Y may require hardware upgrade
Mobile Connections Y connect and work from anywhere Y connect and work from anywhere
Security/Compliance Y provided by cloud provider Y done in house
Up Front Capital Expense N monthly charges based on several factors Y hardware 
Services Outages Y can halt operations Y typically less downtime
Limited by Internet Speeds Y dependent on internet provider Y some limits depending on configuration
Efficient Data Recovery N time consuming Y rapid file transfer
Total Control Over Apps & Data N reliant on cloud provider Y managed internally
High Performance N performance varies Y configured for fast and efficient processing
Onsite Space Considerations N no additional equipment required Y space for hardware required

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