Why use SaaS Protection?

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Why use SaaS Protection?

November 18, 2020

Many SMB’s (Small to Medium sized businesses) are using the cloud to utilize Software as a Service or SaaS applications like Office 365 and G Suite.  These applications live in the cloud and give businesses affordable tools that are easy to use while allowing for employee collaboration from virtually anywhere. The data from these applications are stored in Microsoft or Google’s servers, rather than on a company owned server.

Unfortunately, recovery options in SaaS applications are incomplete, complicated, time consuming or just plain unavailable.  Thus, the data created on the cloud server in the form of emails, files and internal sites often requires a better means of being protected.

One in three users experience data loss in the cloud due to employees or third-party applications deleting data from cloud apps, whether it is on purpose, by accident or by malicious attack. Data can also be lost due to cloud service disruptions.

Would your company be able to survive without emails, calendar appointments, contacts or files?

Last month, Microsoft experienced three outages. During the outages, users were unable to access Microsoft 365, Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive, and Outlook.com for multiple hours.  Businesses simply cannot afford data loss or downtime caused by outages.  They need a way to ensure “offline” continuity of operations.

That is why Right Click Solutions recommends SaaS Protection as a means to protect our client’s cloud data. SaaS Protection provides a simple, streamlined process to export Microsoft data to ensure that it is readily available for the restoration of current files, emails and sites in the state they were in before a deletion, infection or outage. During the Microsoft outages, our clients who subscribe to SaaS protection had “offline” continuity of operations.  If a client needed to reference a file but couldn’t access it due to an outage, we were able to provide the exported version of the latest backup so they could continue productivity.

SaaS vendors like Microsoft promote a shared responsibility model and recommend end-users utilize third-party solutions to ensure they meet business continuity, compliance, and security requirements that require retention beyond the limited recovery capabilities in Office 365.

Right Click Solutions offers SaaS Protection that provides comprehensive data protection in the cloud with a reliable, robust solution designed to reduce risk and time spent managing backups.

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